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This is post on Rat Teamsters is inspired by the Discord chat.  This is a silly thing to do but presents some very interesting adventure opportunities; being 2-4kg creature is not easy but at least the Alpha Gaunt will mostly leave you be (watching as your teammates get eaten will cause its own problems, of course).  Imagine an adventure in the Deep from the perspective of a Rat Teamster (does MONARCH make infiltrator rats? Probably.).

Very Small characters and society 

You are Very Small.  In space, this is an extremely useful trait -- an electrician that weighs 2kg and fits into tiny vents is really useful.  It's also very easy to manage labor disputes when the strikers fit in your palm.   You excel in the knowledge economy, some trades, and can find employment with any unsavory people who need a small and smart pair of hands (spies, thieves, corporate death squads, etc.).  Adjust stress distribution to reflect lack of agency at critical moments.

Depending on your appearance, you run the risk of being mistaken for regular vermin. 

Rules for playing Very Small characters

  • Roll your stats normally.  
  • You always fail strength checks for normally sized characters 
  • You generally make opposed speed checks against normally sized characters at advantage
  • You have "Mini HP" -- 10 MHP equals one regular HP (round down)
  • Your hits do not "blow through" (you're pretty tough to hit)
  • Most normally-sized enemies will ignore you unless they're naturally disposed to searching for small prey or you get their attention (an Alpha Gaunt will leave you be but a Gaunt Hound might not).
  • Very Small characters may play any class except Marine.

1d10 Very Small characters 

  1. Uplifted Rat -- derived from the Gambian pouched rat -- which was trained for EOD work in centuries before the Mistake.  You're a bit bigger than your un-uplifted cousins (2-2.5kg) and have bigger hands.  Once the corps got the hang of working with smaller brains (the baseline Gibbon uplift suffered for later successes).  
  2. Second Generation Gibbon Uplift -- first generation uplifts derived from the Saimang are odd and not very bright -- you're also odd but with fewer mental issues and the same social issues as your bigger cousins.  Derived from the Lar gibbon (about 4-6kg)
  3. Corvid Uplift -- Weird outlook on life and no opposable thumbs.  An unethical corporate science fair project to prove that uplifting corvids was possible.    
  4. Uplifted House Cat -- this was not a smart or ethical thing to do but some bastard corpo did it anyway.  Most felid uplifts are (ostensibly) sub-sapient but you aren't.  Society doesn't recognize your legal personhood because you're a lab experiment or the "pet" of a very terrible rich person. 
  5. Cat Android (due credit to the Hive Mind) -- no doubts about your sapience; often designed by the corps as a spy; maybe your housecat is an android...
  6. Rat Android -- if you can uplift it you can brain scan it...
  7. Dwarf Arthrocanis Uplift -- the common spider dog is a spacer's best friend and the first alien uplifted.  Your non-sapient relatives are about as smart as a dog and are popular microgravity adapted pets.  You're a born spacer (about 5kg).
  8. Horizon Whisper -- Meat Horrors come in Very Small packages.  You're a lovely combination of elephantine skin, polymer tissues, and incredibly venomous teeth; enough to kill an adult human quickly and horribly. 
  9. Deiyi STS --  Chrome also comes in Very Small packages.  You're a lovely collection of branching fractal limbs and membranous "skin."  
  10. Bat Fascist -- You're a small, angry alien disease reservoir.  Mostly biocompatible with humans, unfortunately.  Who let you past the blockade anyway?  You're probably not toeing the party line if you're hanging out with humans but you've got a much less developed sense of self than most.

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