Saturday, October 22, 2022


 Mothership's weapons are pretty well tuned for good gameplay; from a numerical perspective, things work pretty well.  This system is designed to add a bit more verisimilitude, better represent automatic weapons a bit more rigorously, and give loot goblin players a little dopamine hit from buying cooler guns and finding neat upgrades without disrupting the underlying numerical structure too much.  

Additionally, and as a matter of personal preference, I lean towards doing straight-up damage over wounds in most cases and am open to 4d10 rolls in 1e; they were the default in 0e and worked fine.  This de-emphasizes wound damage to players somewhat and increases the risk that a single attack with a big gun will knock off more than one wound from a player.  I'm okay with that -- players shouldn't run into big guns that often. 

Also, shooting an Alpha Gaunt with a smart rifle from your beautifully-scouted out ambush site and then needing to do it 5 more times is a bit of a drag.  Likewise, I'm willing to add a bit more rules overhead to handle  2(-) and 3(-) enemies a bit differently when you shoot them with really big guns.  I'd handle that sort of thing with common sense at my own table but I'll formalize that common sense here. 

Finally, large guns are a huge pain in the ass in a horror situation (and in fact are probably not appropriate in most circumstances).  They generally can't be used when not mounted or braced. Some aspects of this tradeoff are hard to quantify but should also be there. 


1d10: .22 LR, birdshot, lightweight hunting EMAG flechettes etc.  Generally a marginal choice; almost no gun players are likely to use does 1d10 damage.  Against an enemy with 1 or 2 hits and no HP, roll damage.  Any result under 5 does not remove a hit.  Consider applying a similar rule to other ranged weapons that do 1d10 damage as well where it makes sense. 

2d10: Most pistol-caliber ammunition, light gyrojet rounds, etc.  No player in their right mind would carry less gun than this.  

3d10: Standard rifle-caliber bullets, medium gyrojets, Basically every rifle and carbine does 3d10.

4d10: Nonstandard rifle rounds (large hunting rifles, specialized marksman's rifles, HMGs), buckshot and slugs, exotic projectile weapons, heavy gyrojets.  Any weapon that does 4d10 deals 2 wounds to enemies with no hit points.  

1 Wound & 5d10: Very large guns and special cases.  Also deal 2 wounds to enemies with no HP.  Use with care.  


Replaces PSG values and tend slightly higher; MoSh armor values are a little low.  Even against the revised ABD, there's a 15% chance that an SMG will ruin the armor (57% with a pulse rifle, 86% with a smart rifle.  Generally, armor is only half as effective against things other than bullets.  Being mauled by an alien monster will generally fuck your armor up.  

I've also fucked with the prices to get round numbers. Sorry. 

Hazard Suit        | 6AP             | 1kcr
Space Suit         | 8AP             | 5kcr
Concealable Vest:  | 8AP             | 1kcr
Plate Carrier:     | 12AP            | 1kcr
ABD:               | 16AP/1 Wound[!] | 5kcr
Combat Space Suit: | 16AP/1 Wound    | 10kcr

[!]    When destroyed, excess damage does not "blow through"

Automatic Weapons

Fully automatic and burst fire weapons track ammunition in increments of 5.  A regular attack is a 5 round burst unless specifically noted. 

  1. You may generally fire up to 60 shots per round.  
  2. For each additional 5 rounds you fire add +1 damage and -2 to your combat roll.
  3. You may also spray and pray in a general direction.  If you fire 30 rounds, every enemy saves with [+] or takes the weapon's damage.  If you fire 60 rounds enemies make an unmodified save.
  4. Alternatively, you can suppress intelligent enemies.  30 rounds: unmodified save.  60 rounds: save at [-]. 

Semiautomatic Weapons

  1. You may fire up to 5 shots per round.  
  2. For each additional shot fired after the first, add +2 to hit

Revised and Expanded Weapons

GUN                    DAMAGE       AMMO        COST   
AMR                |    *        | 5 (s)   | 20kcr   
Combat Shotgun:    |    4d10**   | 10 (sa) | 2kcr
Hunting Shotgun:   |    4d10**   | 5 (s)   | 500cr
LMG***             |    3d10     | 120 (a) | 5kcr
Pulse Rifle:       |    3d10     | 30 (a)  | 2kcr
Revolver:          |    2d10     | 5 (sa)# | 500cr
Smart Rifle:       |    4d10**** | 10 (sa) | 15kcr
SMG:               |    2d10     | 30 (a)  | 1kcr 

*    Can only be used from Far Away from a rest position. 
     Human-sized enemies roll on the Fatal Wound table. 
     1MDMG to vehicles. Against **SIGNIFIGANT** enemies only, 

**   Roll damage at [-] against armor or at Far Away range.

***  [-] to hit unless mounted or fired from a rest position.

**** Roll damage at [+] if you are firing from a rest position 
     and have time to aim. Can't be used at Close range.  

#    What happened to the last bullet? You've gotta ask yourself 
     one question. Do I feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?

[Optional] My Gun Is Fucking Sick

For the loot goblins among us.
  1. A player may add a descriptor or gadget to their gun (or any other non-improvised weapon). Each descriptor or gadget adds +1 damage.  For example, a pulse rifle with a (1) GhosTek infrared scope and (2) high speed smartlink cable does +2 damage.
  2. The first gadget or descriptor costs 1kcr, the next 4kcr, the next 16kcr, the next 64kcr, etc.  Continue as long as you like.  If a player wants to spend 465kcr on a pulse rifle that does +6 damage you should probably let them.  That's hilarious and doesn't really mess with game balance in a meaningful way.