Saturday, September 10, 2022

A Few More Mothership Classes: The Combat Robot, Esotericist, and Cauldronborn


Combat Robot

There's no particular reason you have to put an android's cyberbrain in a body designed to mimic a human.  Some combat robots have a humanoid body plan but others dispense with such frivolities.  Residing firmly outside the uncanny valley, most humans find you less disturbing than an android but you are even more likely than an android to be regulated as a weapon or inanimate object.

Pictured: Combat Robots

        +60 Fear
        +20 Combat
        -10 Intellect
        +1 Wound

Skills: Military Training, Mathematics, 1 Expert or 2 Trained Skills

Trauma Response: Blunted empathy; other classes' trauma responses (positive or negative) do not effect you.  Some social challenges may cause you stress where a human or android would not experience while doing all but the worst violence to others doesn't even register.

Integrated Weapons and Armor: One weapon (dictated by your starting loadout) is integrated into your body.  You can use this weapon with both hands free.  Integrating a new weapon requires specialized tools and costs 10kcr.  You can still use other weapons as normal and don't get any extra attacks. 

You Have (1d10):
  1. Soft synthetic muscle and feathery fractal limbs (fits into small spaces easily)
  2. A humanoid bodyplan but tacticool (you're very cheap to repair and spare parts are abundant)
  3. A lumbering humanoid bodyplan (you can carry far more than a human)
  4. A fast quadrupedal bodyplan (you can run faster than a human)
  5. A simian bodyplan (you can climb as well as an ape uplift but weight is often an issue)
  6. A radially symmetrical body plan (you have a lot of extra limbs and can afford to lose or detach a few)
  7. A heavily armored arthropodal bodyplan (you're very steady on your feet)
  8. A long-legged arthropodal bodyplan (you can jump much higher than a human)
  9. A batlike bodyplan (you can glide/fall safely from any height at 1atm)
  10. A heavy quadrupedal bodyplan (you are an excellent digger)
Integrated Weapons (1d10):
  1. SMG
  2. SMG
  3. SMG
  4. Pulse Rifle
  5. Smart Rifle
  6. Laser Cutter 
  7. Shotgun
  8. Vibechette 
  9. Boarding Axe 
  10. Flamethrower

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