Saturday, October 2, 2021



The Last War is over.  The alliance of Rim megacorps you once served was soundly defeated by the Exile States. One more little nail in the coffin of corporate tyranny; a small step in the right direction.  That's cold comfort to you. You were rebuilt for war and cut loose as your employers disintegrated.  The corps promised you your body back when you enlisted but once the orbital strikes and rolling blackouts started, you know that the freezers stopped.  You don't have a plan.  But you've got a combat sleeve, a well-used weapon, and nothing to lose.


  1. Corporate security; a mall cop with a gun
  2. A colonial kindergarten teacher; from a company town
  3. A teenage delinquent; desperate to get off-word 
  4. An indentured white collar employee; enlisted to escape your contract
  5. A fast food worker; looking to make something of yourself
  6. The rebellious child of an executive; reality caught up quick
  7.  A rural colonist; war sounded better than desperate rural poverty
  8. An organized criminal; the corps are the biggest gangs there are, after all 
  9. A career soldier; you thought a combat sleeve was a logical career move
  10. You had a technical background and the corps needed a specialist; here you are 

WHAT DO YOU HAVE LEFT [1d10 Loadouts]

  1. Horizon Werewolf Sleeve, Combat Space Suit (plate carrier empty, several holes), Breaching Charges 3x, Compressed Gas Knife, decent cookware and a collection of real spices, a wedding band that doesn't fit on your clawed fingers
  2. Horizon Werewolf Sleeve, Pain Pills 6x,  Laser Cutter Power Cell 2x, Electronics Kit, a poorly maintained cybernetic arm, a stolen tradesman's van, tapecomp and several idol pop tapes a photo of your kids
  3. Horizon Werewolf Sleeve, Surgical Kit, Battledress, Revolver (no bullets), an emergency medicine skillslick (and slicksocket), Nerve Gas Grenade 1x (Werewolves are immune), carjacking tools, Knives 6x
  4. Horizon Werewolf Sleeve, Crowbar, Federova-Turner 'Onika' Deck, Flares 6x, a copy of Gideon's Bible, an Occupational Health and Safety Certificate  
  5. Horizon Werewolf Sleeve, Pulse Rifle 2x, MREs (for combat sleeves) 28x, a sleeve tattoo
  6. Daeyi Apex Sleeve, Concussion Grenade Launcher, Concussion Grenades 6x, monofilament wire, a photo of your old self (glass smashed), responsibility for a human child
  7. Daeyi Apex Sleeve, Integrated Smart Rifle, robot repair kit, a wedding band that doesn't fit on one of your many fractal manipulators, vacation vouchers (never used)
  8. Consolidated Robotics Titan Sleeve, Integrated Flamethrower, your old body's right hand in an acrylic block, a violin and case (too small for you to play easily)
  9. Horizon Reaper Sleeve, Goggles, Stimpack 6x, formal attire (silk)
  10. Infiltrator Combat Android, DVK 'Micro-80X' Wristcomp, one disguise kit (new face and body), Scalpel 2x

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