Saturday, October 23, 2021

1d10 Delver Starting Loadouts

I'm in the camp that doesn't really care for the typical starting loadouts -- too much stuff, too many weapons, and a bit monotonous after running the game for a while.  Here are some alternatives specifically set up for Gradient Descent but applicable everywhere. Changing stats based on implied characterization is also a neat trick.


UNIVERSAL GEAR: regardless of loadout, every diver has a backpack, handheld flashlight, and 1d3 days of rations unless otherwise noted. All characters with armor also have a radio). Regardless of whether they have their starting trinket or not, all these loadouts start with 5 Bends unless otherwise noted.

Loadout 1:
Patch: "Rescind the Flesh"
Rolling Papers in Scrimshawed Case; Trucker Cap; Vibechete, Stimpak (2x), Frag Grenade (2x); Marijuana Cigarettes; Instant Coffee (10 sachets)
+1d3 fear

Loadout 2:
Patch: "I'm secretly an Android" 
Souvenir Rubiks Cube (corporate interview swag); Cyanide Capsule; Battledress; Lightweight Rope (100 feet); Break Action Smart Rifle (single shot; full round to reload; 5 reloads); Pack of Black Pear Tree Menthol Cigarettes.  
+1d5 Bends

Loadout 3:
Patch: Obscure Goetic Demon (Balam -- depicted in the traditional manner as a naked man riding a bear)
Book: "Cryptocurrency For Dummies"; Headlamp; Concealable Vest (+7% armor); Foam Gun (no reloads); Crowbar; Vegan Imitation Jerky (mala flavor)
-1d3 Sanity

Loadout 4:
Patch: Mari Lwyd in a Vacsuit
Eyeball in a Resin Block; Cybernetic Eye; Plate Carrier Vacsuit (+15% armor, all speed checks at [-]); Headlamp; Rigging Gun; Caramel Hard Candy.
+1d5 Strength

Loadout 5:
Patch: "Lag Kills"
Handheld Game Console; Splintermask (APOF p. 25); Revolver (no reloads); Tranquilizer Pistol; Zip Ties (3x); PB&J Sandwich in plastic bag.
-1d3 Armor

Loadout 6:
Patch: "Mama Tried";
Ushanka; Pulse Rifle (1 reload); Headlamp; 2 doses of Daytona; Walkman and Earbuds; Bag of Dried Mealworms (cool ranch flavor)
+1d5 Speed

Loadout 7:
Patch: Atlas Beer Company Logo (ancient rocket)
Solarian religious tract, SMG (2 reloads); Flare Gun (no reloads); Vacsuit; headlamp; cybernetic left leg; flask of wood pulp vodka
-1d5 Intellect

Loadout 8:
Patch: "We're Not Here To Fuck Spiders" 
Pain Pills (2x); Electronic Tool Set; Civilian Hunting Rifle (4d10; 5 shots; one reload; no more than one attack per round); Steamed Buns (Chive and Vegetable Filling) in brown paper bag
+1d3 Combat

Loadout 9:
Poncho (wool); Pamphlet: "The Case For De-Evolution"; Concealable Vest (+7% armor); gas mask; headlamp; grenade launcher (6 shots); concussion grenades (4d10); earplugs
-1d5 Speed

Loadout 10:
Patch: Vantablack Square
Count Dracula Plushie, Fangs (APOF p. 18 -- loaded with acid; +1d10 damage; 5 reloads); Katana (2d10); Liquid Sword (1 dose).
+1d3 Fear

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