Friday, August 26, 2022

Ten Item Lists in the Last City

The Chimera

Sky is empty. Earth is dry and dead. Water is full of monsters who eat you then shit you back out again. The flesh is the only truth.

Artificial (Chimera)
Skills: Half Light, Visual Calculus, Perception
Background: Organized Criminal (Racketeer)
  1. No Free Lunch; a perfectly ordinary Type 36 boarding axe; multitool end occasionally used as a backscratcher.  The spike is brutally dented thanks to its user's tremendous strength.  The Type 36 is commonly used by harbor pirates and security forces. 
  2. Silver medallion depicting a skua worn at the neck; the insignia of a knight-commander (or a capo if one is feeling less charitable). 
  3. 4 glass beads on the medallion cord indicating the longest fast rope drop. 
  4. Enchanted rope; it will knot, coil, and un-knot itself but must be bathed in seawater every day or else lose its spell forever.  It'd still be eye-wateringly expensive without the enchantment; 300 meters long and impossibly strong and light.
  5. Union biometric ID card.
  6. Unopened box of glowsticks for an upcoming technothrash show at Meat Stipend
  7. Plastic jug of lab-grade ethanol; lunch for the Host.  
  8. Automatic 17mm gyropistol (low observable AP rockets)
  9. Driftwood devotional figurine
  10. Photos and dossiers on several Petrostar executives provided as a favor by a shipping company on good terms with the union.  Petrostar is a problem for both the Union and the shipping megacorps.   

The Teamster

I have been named [drowner] [cannibal] [gore-blaster] [demigod]!
    -Lament of the Drowned Emperor, Eternal Toboggan Death Ride

Skills: Rhetoric, Perception, Savoir Faire, Empathy, Electrochemistry 
Backgrounds: Private Investigator, Musician  
  1. A really, really good homemade sandwich (eggplant cutlet with bougie cheese, pickled mixed vegetables, and lots of garlic.  
  2. Band Tee Shirt (Eternal Toboggan Death Ride)
  3. Spare Band Tee Shirt (Blackballed)
  4. Gamayun down lightweight puff jacket. Not armor but it seems to ensure that you're always where the bullets aren't.  
  5. Very fashionable indigo jeans; the sort that you're only supposed to wash in the ocean once a year; bought fair and square at considerable expense.  
  6. AR googles and portable computer strapped to the belt.
  7. Expensive noise canceling headphones 
  8. Taser
  9. The Secret History of Nen (part III of a popular series of fantasy novels); stored in a plastic baggie.
  10. Séance candles, incense, and an instruction manual on how to safely communicate with the spirits of the departed.  

The Android

There's something precious about lost things.

Artificial (Combat Robot)
Skills: Inland Empire, Interfacing, Drama
Backgrounds: Antique Dealer 
  1. Officer's coat and hat (Yellow with brass buttons); decorated with modern patches and a matching cavalry saber worn at the hip.  
  2. Small stuffed animal: unicorn (won at great expense from a rigged harborside claw machine); a few extra tokens in wallet
  3. Prominently displayed medal of valor from an isolated primitive world; it stopped a musket ball for its previous owner.  Probably not enchanted but definitely lucky.
  4. Keys to a little waterfront antique shop on a brass keychain depicting the Big Man of Peace (a Paul Bunyan-sized messianic figure prophesied to return one day).   
  5. Microfiber dustcloth (extra large)
  6. Mirage Mk. 3 semiautomatic marksman's rifle with integrated data link cable and basilisk eye IR optics.  Extra magazines in vacuum-sealed plastic bags. (Stored disassembled in a briefcase along with permits)
  7. Three memory sticks containing one-time-use non-fungible cyberdrugs (Divine Whisper)
  8. Several bars of gold wrapped in bubble wrap to keep them from making noise in the bag; nobody uses paper money here.
  9. Holopet: furry dropspider
  10. Nice notebook.

The Warrior

Pull yourselves together, mortal men! It is time to do something decisive!

Marine (Warrior)
Skills: Esprit De Corps; Suggestion
Backgrounds: Petty Warrior Noble 

  1. Lions Are Fair (enchanted longsword; one of several blades forged from the transmuted bones of a saint.  Mildly radioactive (not enough to be a chronic health hazard).
  2. Parrying dagger; garnet in the pommel
  3. A token of a lady's favor from a world long-lost.
  4. The telephone number of a nice man met last weekend.
  5. Bag of extra cheesy starch puffs; a miracle of flavor inconceivable just two years ago.
  6. Protein shake (chocolate cherry).  
  7. A very comfortable track suit, windbreaker, and designer sneakers (good shoes are another miracle of the City).
  8. Ultralightweight cermet scale body armor in a gym bag (bulletproof)
  9. Badass aviators (the City is always dim and clever foes exploit bright lights to dazzle and disorient)
  10. Radiophone; most functions unused.  Always used to call, never to text.  

The Sorcerer 

I know this: the World is a knife and your task is to find the place where it can cut you in half.

Scientist (Sorcerer)
Skills: Shivers, Physical Instrument
Backgrounds: Vagrant, Lab Experiment

  1. A prototype arcanoneural interface; RFID trackers carefully removed by a back-alley surgeon.
  2. Disposable plastic raincoat bought an hour ago from a bodega.
  3. Portable biocomputer; stolen in the daring escape from the lab.  Outperforms most digital technology, especially in matters of the arcane.  
  4. Box of convenience store sushi.
  5. Reusable plastic bag of worldly possessions (mostly spare clothes).
  6. Carefully selected knives; ideal for hurling telekinetically.
  7. A list of missing persons; a few names are crossed out (dead, dead, recovered safe, dead ...) with names written by the very fancy executive-sized pen used as a weapon in the escape.
  8. Motel room key; home for the next few weeks.
  9. A vast collection of depressants to dull the ANI's endless song.
  10. Walking stick. 

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