Thursday, November 18, 2021


A class GLOGifying your favorite meat horror nuns/Jedi death squad operators.  Totally usable in a fantasy game (probably undead instead of a meat horror)

Reborn (Militant Sister)
We shall call it `war'. We shall confine it to the realms of death.

Thin Men, Chimneysweeps, The Plumbers.  That is what outsiders call you.  Ritually killed and reborn in a combat sleeve, you are part of a secretive order of warrior-nuns in service to the Philosopher Kings.  You preside over funerals of both the greatest and least in society, minister to dying pilgrims, and cut down the enemies of the faith from the shadows.  Some former Sisters have forsaken their calling and can be found in more conventional military and intelligence careers.  A very rare few have struck out on their own; hunted by their former sisters.

Race: Sleeve (stalker)
Starting Equipment: White Robes, Prayer Tablet, Mortician's Tools, Incense 

Gain 1 HP per template 

A: Living Weapon, At Home In The Grave
B: Gone Without Fear and Returned
C: Let There Be Darkness in the World
D: [Dread Heart Knife]

Living Weapon: Your sleeve's natural weapons count as medium weapons (instead of light weapons); while you have both hands free, they count as a two-handed weapon.

At Home In The Grave: You can enter a meditative trance which allows you to survive in vacuum, extreme heat, or extreme cold for [TEMPLATE] weeks.  You do not require your sense of sight to fight effectively in combat.

Gone Without Fear and Returned: Death and pain means nothing to you.  You are already dead.  You are immune to all fear effects.  Your experience ministering to the dying and tending to the dead gives allies +2 on fear and morale rolls.  Your bedside manner is very good for a Meat Horror.  

Let There Be Darkness in the World: You may always choose to kill quickly, painlessly, and silently.  Attacks made against targets that are not aware of you are always critical hits.

[Dread Heart Knife]:  You have been entrusted with a legendary blade; the symbol of the militant orders.  The [Dread Heart Knife] is a nanometer thin spike of degenerate matter composite; the blade is invisible yet very heavy and can punch through most solid surfaces.  It is a medium weapon and ignores all armor.  The blade is virtually indestructible (but if the handle is destroyed you may struggle to locate the blade). 

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