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 This post should be equally combatable with Mothership and GLOG -- there's not much numerical content.

And also, a brief but important disclaimer about race/species in science fiction and fantasy.  It's a touchy issue and rightly so.  It's also an issue that's tightly wound up in actual play culture and the implied fiction of different games (e.g. whether your characters are presumed to be exceptional or drawn from a random cross section).  This is not a post discussing any those things (but I'm always receptive to sensitivity concerns).  

Each group of people in TTET gets a letter in the Phoenician alphabet as a name -- because they are distributed between more than a dozen planets and moons and thousands of habitats that have in many cases developed in cultural isolation for hundreds or thousands of years it's impossible to find a demonym everybody would agree on.  This also isn't a post about culture -- there are too many cultures to describe.

𐤀 - ALEP
Small, dark and very radiation tolerant, hairless, make their own vitamin C, ear canal adapted to centrifugal gravity. Bonus on saves against radiation hazards.

One of the most common groups of hominids and one that has for various reasons (mostly luck and geography) wielded outsized influence over the past millennium and into the present day.  The polity that became the Monument Builder Empire was 𐤀 as are the Philosopher Kings and many of the Great Merchant Houses.  

𐤁 - BET
Pale, webbed hands and feet, short but thick oily body hair suited for extended periods in the water, very strong lungs, strong preference for carnivory. Can hold breath for around 10 minutes and swim as long as you can walk. 

Another common group of hominids (and the most common down a gravity well) -- many paraterraformed moons in the system are covered entirely in shallow oceans with floating Gardener megastructures, volcanic islands, or reefs providing habitable surface area.  Before the Monument Builders, there is evidence of an ancient spacefaring empire that spread 𐤁 from a single world of origin.  

𐤂 - GIML
Tall, long-limbed, and lightly built.  Full range of hair and skin tones found in homo sapiens.  Adapted to very low gravity.  Constant bone density -- no adverse effects from extended time microgravity.  Very good at climbing, leaping, and maneuvering in microgravity.  Can't run for extended periods.

Origin traced to a single large de-spun rotating habitat but contact with the Monument Builders spread 𐤂 to many smaller habitats in the Low Belt.  𐤂 makes up a plurality of the peoples of the Great Merchant Houses.  Behaviorally very similar to 𐤁 (and homo sapiens).

Heavyset and very large (100-150+kg), strong but not a great long-distance walker compared to homo sapiens.  Full range of hair and skin tones found in homo sapiens.  Strong preference for herbivory, many behavioral adaptations favoring larger group cooperation (for better and worse).  Reroll strength and take highest.  You will likely live to 100 with modern medicine.  Can't run for extended periods.

Adapted to agrarian life on an evolutionarily significant time scale (there have been uncountably many hominid civilizations and their evolutionary influence is substantial),  Widely distributed in many different habitats.  𐤃 differs from most hominids psychologically; better at coordinating in slightly larger groups with less in-group violence and more out-group violence.  Disposed to very hierarchical social groups (like many nonhuman primates)

𐤄 - HE
Long white (or rarely blond or light brown) body hair traps heat; blue-black skin; adapted for incredibly thin atmospheres and extreme temperatures.  Can breathe at altitude without supplemental oxygen.  Body hair as heavy winter clothing.  May experience respiratory issues in high oxygen environments.  You can jog like other hominids walk and run like other hominids jog.

A rare group of hominids confined to two moons and a handful of habitats.  Can survive in borderline Martian conditions.  Many miscellaneous health problems as a result of very extreme specialization.  Behaviorally similar to 𐤀 (and homo sapiens) but extreme environments often lead to extreme cultures. 

𐤅 - WAW
Solitary, highly intelligent, obligate carnivores.  Short, coarse grey or black body hair with powerful jaws, strong limbs, and excellent eyesight.  You can see in moonlight as well as a typical hominid sees in daylight and your unarmed attacks are effective as weapons. Reroll intellect. Your ability to process complex social situations is limited but you assess body language well.

Like Neanderthals, originally sophisticated ambush hunters.  To the extent general intelligence exists as a measurable thing 𐤅 are substantially smarter than most other hominids.  Psychologically adapted to life in smaller family groups but that has not stopped spacefaring technological societies from cropping up (though more rarely than some varieties of hominid).  


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