Monday, August 1, 2022

The Last City Draft House Rules

 The Last City; some people say it's the center of the universe but fuck if you know anything about cosmology.  It's a big, messy melting pot.  Titanic in scale with uncountably many languages and cultures.  Uncountably many people who would claim authority as well. From where you're sitting, it is a messy and unjust place with great food.

Narrative Permissions and Assumptions

In the Last City, you're above average compared to the random person on the street; a street-level action hero in a world of gods and chosen ones.  You can generally do more than an average human but not much more.

By default and without asking, you may play a human or great ape uplift.  

Weapons and Armor

Treat ranged weapons too big to conceal as a pulse rifle (3d10) and concealable weapons as an SMG (2d10).  Shotgun and rigging gun removed (treat shotgun as a 3d10 weapon).  

Treat basic or improvised melee weapons as 1d10+[wounds]; proper melee weapons or a horror's unarmed attack as 2d10+[wounds], and exotic high tech or magical weapons as 3d10+[wounds]; weapons like this and the ability to use them are a central part of your background).  

Armor; Battledress, ABD, and concealable vest (4 AP).  Other armor is not available by default.  

Stats and Class Variants

Stats: 3d10+20 
Saves: 2d10+15
HP: 12+the tens place in your strength score per hit 
Skills: use Disco Elysium's skill list; skills tell me about your character and the type of information you want them to get.

Optionally, roll on the Traits table here.  You may roll on any patch and trinket table you can find or make them up.  I encourage a roll.  

Backgrounds: Reflects your practical skills; equivalent to a trade or something that requires a BA
Profession: Reflects an advanced degree and extensive experience (medicine, law, particle physics, certain types of religious authority figures, etc.). 

3 Skills; 1 Background; you know Space Kung Fu and may perform combat maneuvers.  Come up with a name for your style (even if you're using guns!)

Warrior:  Gain one 3d10+[wounds] melee weapon and +10 strength.  You have -10 combat when using guns.

4 Skills; 2 Backgrounds or 1 Profession

Mutant: You're not quite human.  Roll 5 times on this mutation table or the APOF ACMD mutation table and pick any 2 or 3 mutations; +2 HP/hit

Devil: You're one of the the soot-faced blue collar servants of the Demiurge responsible for keeping the universe running (while some of your kind are responsible for ritually purifying souls for reincarnation with all the horrible tortures that entails most have more mundane responsibilities).  For whatever reason, you're not on the clock right now.  You may change your form at will (but never disguise your true nature) and rearrange your stats as you see fit once per day.  

3 Skills, 1 Background, 1 Profession

Sorcerer:  Gain the Android's stress response and a level 2 ANI; -30 sanity 

Artificial (as android):
2 Skills, 1 Profession OR 3 Skills, 2 backgrounds; roll on the android panic table at warden discretion

Chimera: A human brain implanted into a creation of cultured meat and cybernetics; horrific and dangerous.  Your host has its own brain and generally has the same preferences as a large predator.  Your senses are exceptional.  -20 fear, -20  intellect +10 combat, +5 strength, +5 body, +10 to any stat; roll on the Meat Horror Panic Table instead of regular panic table at warden discretion; melee does 2d10+[wounds].  Integral armor as concealable vest (cannot wear ABD; AP doesn't stack but after one set of armor is destroyed the second can be used)

Combat Robot: You're no creepy plastic imitation of humanity. -20 Intellect; +10 combat; +5 sanity; melee does 2d10+[wounds].  Integral armor as Battledress or ABD (can't wear armor).  Surprisingly, people seem to react better to you than a regular android.  You're also really cheap to repair compared to a regular android.  

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