Tuesday, January 19, 2021



I think having a random character trait to back up patches and trinkets adds something.  In the previous post, for example, a "religious" character with a Baphomet bobblehead is a very different than a "funny" character with a Baphomet bobblehead.  Collins' "large family" trait, which was rolled randomly after I decided he'd be a baseline chimpanzee uplift explains that decision (he comes home to his kids and is saving his money for a clone of himself instead of sleeving in a combat-optimized body).  Nur seems to be clinging to her humanity by carrying a birthday card and the castle chess piece plus a pneumatic ram suggests that she's the one taking point when these characters clear a room (she goes straight forward!).  

When I decided I wanted to roll traits, I looked at a lot of DnD trait tables and concluded they are mostly crap.  They're generally vague and non-impactful or so invasive such that a random roll would interfere with player agency.  I then looked at writing help websites.  Those were worse.  "Lives on a desert island" IS NOT A FUCKING TRAIT.  Also, the traits were not concise.  


Roll 2d5

  1. Always late
  2. Birdwatcher 
  3. Abrasive voice
  4. Large Family
  5. Religious 
  6. Overpacks their bags
  7. Failed career in entertainment industry (1 comedy, 2 music, 3 film, 4 fashion, 5 Net)
  8. Nervous tics
  9. Nerdy hobbies
  10. Great singing voice
  11. Conspiracy theorist (1-3 ironically, 4-5 sincerely)
  12. Compulsive shopper
  13. Compulsively tidy
  14. Makes unwise investments 
  15. Only wears designer clothes 
  16. Always keeps a stash of the good stuff (1 soft drugs, 2 cosmetics and hygiene, 3 snacks, 4 alcohol, 5 media)
  17. News junkie  
  18. Dropout
  19. Loves annoying office pranks
  20. Always makes a to-do list
  21. Leaves their passwords on a post-it attached to their monitor
  22. Never swears
  23. Irreverent
  24. Has been cloned
  25. Bioconservative 
  26. Fashionably rebellious
  27. Retro style
  28. Family member in a cult
  29. Self-image issues
  30. Criminal or disciplinary record
  31. Rural background
  32. Urban background
  33. Came from a rich family (money likely gone)
  34. Skinflint 
  35. Numerous dietary restrictions (religious, ethical, allergies, just picky, etc.)
  36. Dyslexic 
  37. Social anxiety
  38. Questionable tastes (1 music, 2 fashion, 3 food, 4 cosmetics, 5 decoration)
  39. Adrenaline junkie 
  40. Has slept rough frequently
  41. Donates regularly to one unusual charity
  42. Thin-skinned
  43. Unusually old (1-3) or young (4-5) for occupation
  44. Asks stupid questions
  45. The one who always raises their hand with the answer in class
  46. Avid reader 
  47. Constantly making efforts to personalize their living and working space
  48. Tax cheat
  49. Daydreamer
  50. Likes sappy romances
  51. Edgy tastes in music
  52. Constantly misplaces small things
  53. Loves griping
  54. Wants to speak to a manager
  55. Speaks very softly


  1. Sorry... 1d5 would actually be 1d6-1? because apparently you also need values of "0" which is not exactly what you'd expect from an actual d5 (e.g. on a dice bot)

    1. That's correct -- eventually I'll add 5 more traits to each table of 55 here to round it all out.

  2. Really nice work here, I've been struggling to find exactly this sort of thing for a while now