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Despite my best efforts to create a relatively non-supernatural setting, I always come back to magic.  This is the first step; based very strongly of the GLOG wizard template.  This post assumes familiarity with those rules and with APOF's slickware installation rules.  


For each 10 points of intellect, you may "install" one level of spell mastery.  Because (safely) manipulating magical forces is beyond the capabilities of an unaltered human mind, you need a slicksocket and installed software running in parallel to your regular neural processes to safely manipulate supernatural forces.  Technically, anybody can discover and even use an arcane secrets but without selectively turning off various important parts of your brain, it is not something a character is likely to survive.  

This means that unlike your stereotypical grey sage, wizards under these rules will gain power very quickly if they have access to the right knowledge.  Also, arcanosoftware can be (and usually is) patented and equipped with all kinds of horrible copy protection.  Likewise, wizards and corporations value their secrets and often leave booby-trapped spells.

Arcanosoftware does two things: (1) selectively shuts down portions of the brain when a user manipulates magical formulae and (2) creates a mental firewall that enables a wizard to look at a spell without committing it to long-term memory (which would fry their brain).  Arcanosoftware requires a terrific amount of data; the implant can only store the safety protocols for a limited number of spells at a time.  This is effectively equivalent to preparing a spell.  

The actual application of arcane information varies from user to user; there's always a personal touch.


Tier 1 Arcano-Neural Interface (ANI) [200kcr, 1 slickslot] -- Select one magical "school." You have one spell slot, one casting dice, and may roll two 6-sided die to determine which two spells you initially know. 

Tier 2 ANI [400kcr, 1 slickslot, requires Tier 1 ANI] -- Gain an additional spell slot, an additional casting die, and roll an 8-sided die to learn a new spell.  Slickware installation roll not made at [+].  You can learn one more spell but must pay for it separately.

Tier 3 ANI [800kcr, 1 slickslot, requires Tier 2 ANI] -- Gain an additional spell slot, an additional casting die, and roll a 10-sided die to learn a new spell.  Slickware installation roll not made at [+].  You can learn one more spell but must pay for it separately.

Tier 4 ANI [1.2mcr, 1 slickslot, requires Tier 3 ANI] -- Gain an additional spell slot, an additional casting die, and roll a 12-sided die to learn a new spell.  Slickware installation roll made at [-].  You can learn one more spell but must pay for it separately.

Spell [50kcr, requires Tier 2 ANI or greater] -- roll a dice your ANI entitles you to roll (or a smaller dice if you wish) to learn a new spell.  


Supplemental Processor  [100kcr] -- a bulky computer and power source designed to increase the power of spells.  Gain a magic dice.

Solid State Arcanostorage Device (SSAD) [10kcr * (2 * spell tier)] -- The only thing that can store something as data intensive as a spell and retrieve it in timescales measured in seconds (rather than hours) is alien computronium.  Unfortunately, the best way to get that is to kill gaunts and steal their brains.  SSADs are expensive and the rapid transmission of information slags them.  You can cast spells outside your template using an SSAD, however.  

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