Wednesday, January 13, 2021



The hacking pamphlet is really great!  Here's some extra equipment.

CAMERA SPOOFER: [100cr]  Disposable device that enables you to wirelessly display any prerecorded image or video through a camera.  Must have physical access to the camera (and be able to open it up).  1 minute to install. 

DOWNLINK NODE: [2kcr]  Add a node to the network.  You may access this node remotely and carry out hacking attacks from a safe distance away.  Wiring this device into a network takes 2d10 minutes and requires a successful mechanical repair or engineering check to install.  If this node is discovered, your position can be determined and you may be exposed to an adversary's hacking attack.

TRYGON ELECTRONIC WARFARE ROUTER:  [5kcr]  Allows access to all nodes connected wirelessly to the network (nodes must be hacked as normal) within 50m.  When connected to building or ship power, may access all nodes within 500m and may disconnect those nodes from the network.

PORTABLE TIPPLER ORACLE [1mcr] Bulky device the size of a portable nuclear warhead and about as dangerous.  Makes use of exotic hyperspace geometry to carry out massive brute force calculation at speeds impossible in realspace.  Decrypt all encrypted nodes you have access to, reduce all hardened nodes you have access to to secured nodes in one round.  Massive explosion.  25% chance of a metastable hyperspace tear (expect Gaunt).  Unless nobody's home, add +10 to the response table.

POLTERGEIST:  [5kcr]  When wired into the network (1d5 minutes, halved on successful engineering check) randomly opens and closes doors, sets off alarms, activates sprinklers, etc.  Can't mess with secured nodes.  A great distraction but add +5 to response and delay the arrival of physical security by 1d10 rounds.

SOLPSIST TIN:  [200kcr]  A master hacker's brain in a tube.  Irretrievably insane but capable of making one hacking check at advantage per round.  Putting a brain in a jar and depriving it of all external sensory input is a truly evil act but that's never stopped the corps.  5% chance every hacking turn that the brain in a jar does what it wants (many suffering this fate consider death a mercy and would love to take you down with them).

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